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A growing aging population has made today's orthopedic practices busier than ever. Making the transition to digital imaging or upgrading from an existing CR system is essential to meeting the rising demand for increased workflow efficiency and patient throughput.

Our flat panel detectors are designed to satisfy these needs. They are highly efficient, economical, versatile, and possess the flexibility and the ease of use to acquire high-quality images for the views necessary to facilitate an accurate diagnosis.

Our ability to integrate to EMR/EHR systems centralizing patient information and imaging, together with our wide variety of digital detector solutions, allow orthopedic facilities to deliver continuity of care in a growing practice while maintaining patient satisfaction.


Rayence delivers the most advanced and complete chiropractic digital imaging viewing solutions with its DR flat panel detectors and ChiroView software. With our extensive flat panel detector manufacturing knowledge, Rayence is able to offer a custom, retrofit DR configuration without modifying your existing equipment making installation quick and economical. This cost-effective design allows a facility to maximize its investment. Our 17x17 inch detector gives you a full field of view not available with X-ray film or CR. With an image acquisition time of less than 5 seconds, the Xmaru is the only decision to make when upgrading your x-ray room.

Xmaru ChiroView image acquisition software comes standard with all of our Chiropractic digital detectors. This robust, functionally rich software solution comes standard with over 50 measurement tools and includes image stitching.

Through innovative design, Rayence offers a true flat panel detector, retrofit orthoposer base and an advanced imaging software solution to the podiatry market.

Our technology sets us apart from other manufacturers. We offer the highest quality of diagnostic images at a low cost of ownership for today’s podiatrist.

The compact and lightweight 10x12 inch Digital Flat Panel Detector is well designed to satisfy the daily diagnostic needs of the most demanding user. Our PodView image acquisition software is designed specifically for podiatry and has the ability to acquire images quickly.

Urgent Care

In the Urgent care market flexibility and speed are critical. Rayence offers a full line of X-ray equipment to meet the need of this market. Ranging from the cost effective GOXR-L Wall/Ceiling X-ray room to the innovative flexible Flex-Rad system, we have a solution to meet any requirement.

If a new X-ray room is not needed but throughput improvement is still the goal; Rayence has both tethered as well as wireless DR systems that can be easily upgraded to any existing X-ray room in a matter of hours. All of our DR systems feature a full complement of DICOM protocols as well as software for in exam room viewing as well as burning of CD disc to provide the patient when they leave.

Both Hospitals and Imaging Centers demand the best… and Rayence provides Hospital grade quality X-ray rooms as well as DR systems that can provide excellent image quality and smooth integration into the daily workflow and information transmission within the facility. Our GOXR and Flex-Rad X-ray systems are made to meet the demand and offer two excellent choices that can meet any requirement.

Our low dose line of high-resolution DR panels are available as tethered/ fixed and wireless in a range of sizes for 10”x12” up to 17”x17”, all are Cesium and come with DICOM protocols. Our user software facilitates patient workflow and transmission of exam images to point of need.

Hospitals and Imaging Centers

With the focus on user interaction and application in mind, Rayence offers our mobile x-ray solution, GODPX. The compact and lightweight design of the GODPX makes transport between rooms and remote sites simple.
Our new flat panel detectors have been designed to capture images with lower dose which makes it safer for the technologist and patients. The DR panel is also paired with Rayence latest software offering advanced processing features to provide the best image possible and is integrated with the generator controls for quick access.

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