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Rayence, headquartered in Closter, New Jersey, is a subsidiary of Rayence Co., Ltd(South Korea)., a global leader in the design, development, manufacturing, and supply of flat panel detectors (FPD) and digital radiography imaging systems. We offer a complete line of high-quality a-Si TFT detectors in a variety of sizes that are specifically designed to allow a customized solution for diagnostic medical and industrial applications.

After merging with Humanray Co. Ltd. in 2012, Rayence began offering a full line of both a-Si TFT and CMOS X-ray detectors. Rayence's superior product quality and dedication to the healthcare industry ensure that you will achieve your digital imaging needs whether upgrading your existing technology or installing a new DR system.

We aggressively promote environmental activities dealing with global issues implementing an ISO 14001 System to fulfill the social responsibility in all procedures to create an eco-friendly environment. Our aim is to achieve optimal compatibility between environmental preservation and business activities as well as to promote a pleasant work environment for all employees and partners.

A pioneering spirit to be the best

We seek to be the best in the world challenging and developing ourselves to make our business to be robust and competitive.
We aim to be the world's foremost experts in our area of expertise.
We determine what the highest possible level in our area of expertise is and then go all out to attain it.

Human-oriented innovation

Never complacent, we constantly strive to devise better methods and more innovative ways to improve our business.
The goal of our innovation is to benefit mankind. We are committed to providing technology and solutions that will enhance the quality of human life and human dignity.
Our innovations are based on conserving energy, natural resources, and improving our natural environment, all of which are universal human values.

A shared respect for life

We strive to promote a communal spirit. We respect our colleagues and place trust in each other. We work together in harmony.
We put our principles of sharing into practice in our daily lives and enrich our bodies and minds through sharing.

Core Technology





Rayence innovations in manufacturing have allowed us to create 

a new generation of Low Dose Cesium Iodide wireless detectors

to meet the needs of all applications with superior image quality

at a substantially lower dose.

  • Sensor Type : Amorphous Silicon with TFT

  • Pixel Pitch : 140 ㎛

  • A/D Conversion : 14/16 bit

  • Resolution : Max. 3.5 lp/mm

  • Preview Time :  ≤ 2 Sec.

  • Energy Range :  40~150 kVp

  • Battery Operating Time :  Typ. 4 hrs

  • Weight : 7.7 lbs (including battery)
    * Specifications subject to change without prior notice

      * 127㎛ can be sold as an option

TFT Detectors

Since launching Xmaru1717 in 2008, Rayence has continuously developed the TFT based Digital X-ray detectors for diagnostic medical, veterinary, and industrial inspection systems. The TFT based detectors have superior diagnostic imaging capabilities with a high greyscale range. In addition, our TFT detectors are reliable and durable with quick integration through ergonomic design.

  • Various sizes from 2.4cm x 3.0cm to 34cm x 34cm

  • Pixel sizes that display high-quality images

  • Wide assortment of detector types from portable to cassettes

  • Fast acquisition time (1012WCA: 2seconds)

  • Low-dose of radiation

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CMOS Detectors.jpg

CMOS Detectors

Rayence now supplies CMOS(Complementary metal oxide semiconductor) products for medical, dental, and industrial inspection systems in a variety of sizes and types. Our CMOS-based detectors provide both static and dynamic imaging capabilities and are produced utilizing advanced ASIC design.

  • Various sizes from 2.4cm x 3.0cm to 34cm x 34cm

  • Static and dynamic imaging

  • High spatial resolutions (20um - 200um)

  • Low-dose of radiation

  • High-speed readout with no image lag

  • High SNR performance

  • Low power consumption

  • Easy integration into various applications

Console Software

Rayence's console software provides complete image management, featuring easy data searching, fast image acquisition, and user-friendly functions such as image viewing, reprocessing, optimizing and archiving.

With Rayence's stitching software, up to three views can be automatically stitched with a touch of a button, making stitching examinations easier than ever to attain.

  • Intuitive GUI

  • Auto stitching

  • DICOM 3.0 compliant system

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