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On-site Interview

We have met with some happy Doctors 
(Dr. Arnolds and Dr. Holly) with our DR upgrade.

See what they had to say!

Dr Arnold and Holly.jpg

Q: Dr., what made you choose to go digital?

A: I felt that the technology was at a point where it didn't make sense not to go digital.


Q: What about the technology in the past prevented you from going digital?

A: In hindsight- nothing. I wasn't up to speed on what digital x-ray could do for me and my practice. I was stuck feeling that I enjoyed the analog aspect of old x-ray technology, IE - I could write and annotate. I assumed with Digital x-ray, that wouldn't be an option for me.


Q: Since getting digital x-ray installed in your practice, how has it helped you?

A: Many ways! I don't know how I've gone this long without it. From ease of use to a drastic increase in patient workflow efficiency- I'm now able to reposition and shoot so much easier. Our patients who are coming to see us because of an ailment are now able to get diagnosed and treated quicker, more accurately and more comfortably.


Q: What would you say to your fellow industry experts who are still on the fence about switching from CR to DR or even from film to DR?

A: Get off the fence! Doctors in my field are very price conscious and for good reason because of varying issues with insurance related reimbursements and things of that nature. It's easy to get caught up in focusing on minimizing capital expenditures. That being said, this is about practicing better medicine while providing a better experience for our patients.

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