Urgent Care

As the growing popularity of urgent care centers increases, so does their need for economical and efficient imaging services. Upgrading from x-ray film or CR to our digital solution in this environment is seamless and can effectively increase patient throughput by improving workflow efficiency.

The innovative design of our detectors permit them to be used in existing radiography equipment without the need of modifying the table or wall stand bucky tray.  What’s more, auto triggering technology permits the detector to be installed without integrationto the x-ray generator, making the installation quick, easy, and economical. 

The following products are available:



Xmaru 1417 WCA/WGA

Xmaru 1417 WCC/WGC (C-Series)

Xmaru 1717 SCC/SGC

Xmaru 1717 WCC/WGC (C-Series)

XmaruView Medical