A growing aging population has made today's orthopedic practices busier than ever. Making the transition to digital imaging or upgrading from an existing CR system is essential to meeting the rising demand for increased workflow efficiency and patient throughput. Our flat panel detectors are designed to satisfy these needs. They are highly efficient, economical, versatile, and possess the flexibility and the ease of use to acquire high quality images for the views necessary to facilitate an accurate diagnosis. 

Our ability to integrate to EMR/EHR systems centralizing patient information and imaging, together with our wide variety of digital detector solutions, allow orthopedic facilities to deliver continuity of care in a growing practice while maintaining patient satisfaction.

The following products are available:



Xmaru 1012 WCC/WGC (C-Series)

Xmaru 1417 WCC/WGC (C-Series)

Xmaru 1717 SCC/SGC

Xmaru 1717 WCC/WGC (C-Series)

XmaruView Medical