With our extensive knowledge in manufacturing flat panel detectors, Rayence has been able to offer a custom, retrofit DR configuration without modifying existing equipment. This cost-effective design allows a facility to maximize its investment. Our DR offering does not require any integration into your existing generator making installation quick, easy and economical. Our 17x17 inch sized detector gives you a full field of view not available with x-ray film or CR. With an image acquisition time of less than 5 seconds, the Xmaru is the only decision when upgrading your x-ray room.  

Xmaru ChiroView image acquisition software comes standard with all of our Chiropractic digital detectors. This robust, functionally rich software solution comes standard with over 50 measurement tools and includes image stitching.

The following products are available:

Xmaru 1417 WCA/WGA

Xmaru 1717 SCC/SGC

Xmaru 1717 SGD

XmaruView Chiropractic