Private Practice

The demand for fast and efficient imaging at private practices is growing daily. With our Xmaru series of flat panel detectors, private practices no longer have to worry about their imaging workflow getting bottlenecked. Implementing our digital imaging solution increases workflow efficiency and patient throughput when compared to conventional film/screen or CR imaging systems. 

Our flat panel detectors are cassette sized, allowing them to fit into existing table and wall stand bucky trays without modification or the need to purchase new x-ray equipment. With acquisition times as little as 3 seconds and a three year warranty, the Xmaru series of detectors delivers cost effective quality not found with any other CR or DR manufacturers.


Our flat panel detectors possess the flexibility and the ease of use to acquire high quality images for the views necessary to facilitate an accurate diagnosis. 

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Our robust and functional rich software solution provides over 50 measurement tools at your fingertips.

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Through innovative design, Rayence is the only manufacturer that offers a true flat panel detector, retrofit orthoposer base and advanced imaging software solution to the podiatry market. 

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