Whether your department needs a light weight 14 x 17 inch wireless detector with an ergonomically designed removable handle for portable or x-ray room exams, a 10 x 12 inch detector that offers low dose for pediatric and neo-natal use, or a 17 x 17 inch fixed detector for a table or wall stand, the breadth of our radiology flat panel detector solutions are designed for ease of use, improved workflow efficiency, and a low cost of ownership. 

Our detectors fit into a standard size wall stand or table bucky tray without having to modify existing radiographic equipment. Auto triggering technology permits the detector to be installed without integration to the x-ray generator, making a seamless installation that is quick, easy and economical. 

Our digital acquisition and display solution is FDA cleared, DICOM and HIPAA compliant, and offers a fully integrated, Windows-based user interface that includes:

• Anatomically Programmed Radiography (APR)
• Exam specific algorithms
• QA and post processing of acquired images
• Advanced image processing with image stitching
• Network connectivity (PACS, RIS, HIS, Web) with DICOM Store, DICOM Print, DICOM Modality Worklist, DICOM Compression, CD & DVD Burning w/DICOM Viewer, E-mail & Paper Print and Mirror Image Backup



1012 WCC/WGC (C-Series)

1417 WCC/WGC (C-Series)

1717 WCC/WGC (C-Series)

XmaruView Medical