As a market leader in digital imaging technologies, Rayence has continually reinvented the development and manufacturing process digital flat panel detectors. This commitment to improving the way healthcare is delivered has made us one of the premier providers of medical imaging technologies in the world.


We provide a range of diagnostic imaging solutions that can be customized to any facility’s needs and budget.

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Imaging Center

Today's busy outpatient iamging centers require workflow effficiencies while maintaining a high level of patient satisfaction. Our digital flat panel detectors and software solutions are designed with these needs in mind. By providing economical, state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging solutions, we can deliver the workflow efficiency and increased patient throughput required to drive a successful operation. 


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Urgent Care

As the growing popularity of urgent care centers increases, so does their need for economical and efficient imaging services. 

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Private Practice

With our Xmaru series of flat panel detectors, private practice’s no longer have to worry about their imaging workflow getting bottlenecked.

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Our flat panel detectors have been designed with flexibility in mind.

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Our innovative, environmentally safe and user-friendly digital solutions allow veterinary clinics and hospitals to easily upgrade from x-ray film or CR.  

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