Rayence Inc. is today’s global leader in digital radiography (DR) for medical, veterinary, chiropractic, and podiatry practices. Rayence Xmaru DR Series brings reliability, easy to use acquisition software and high quality image processing making the first shot, the best shot.  Rayence Xmaru DR Panels are retro fit ready for today’s large and small practices, mobile units and large hospitals environment.  Rayence brings the best digital packages into today’s market.  Whether upgrading your practice or switching from analog to digital, Rayence Inc., USA has all your digital needs.

Flat Panel Detector

Rayence flat panel detectors provide the highest image quality and reliability available in today’s market.

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Radiography Systems

Rayence, a worldwide leading manufacturer of digital flat panel detectors and now radiographic equipment solutions

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Acquisition Software

Rayence introduces the latest in acquisition software, the XmaruView.

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Rayence VRPACS is an enterprise level, feature rich, and yet cost effective PACS application, with vast potential that allows you to optimize your workflow and significantly improve operations and patient care, thus, enhancing patient safety and hospital productivity. 

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Veterinary Intra-Oral Sensor

The EzSensor series is the ideal veterinary digital imaging solution. They deliver superior diagnostic images essential for successful diagnosis, implant surgery and endodontic treatment.

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Orthoposer (VRPOB-200)

The VRPOB-200 + Xmaru1210SGA is the only true flat panel x-ray detector solution for the podiatry market. The VRPOB-200 + Xmaru1210SGA provides podiatrists a smart & cost effective way to upgrade their current x-ray systems to provide them with the manybenefits of a DR workflow. In combination with industry leading technical specifications and our exclusive post processing algorithms, Rayence has established the benchmark for the quality solution today’s podiatrist have to come require.

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